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Apr. 14th, 2011

So I went through my unfinished Sam & Max fics and my unfinished Phineas and Ferb fics, copied them to a single word document each, made the font small, and picked out the first sentence of every page. I tried to do that with my Homestar Runner fics, but there wasn't enough to make it work. I wrote short fics and posted most of them. I guess if anyone wanted to see my disturbingly large amount of Opposites Attract based fics that I wrote in 07/08...

Sam & Max
(I wrote a lot of outlines for my Sam & Max fanfiction. Anything in present tense is from an outline)

Sam says that of course it's him, stupid.

There's a description of Sam's new senses.

Eight year old Max starts at a new school after being expelled from his old school for fighting, and is in a bad mood.

The guards argue about whether or not dogs are allowed to do that, and Sam says that if they want to explain why they didn't let a youth seek his fortune to the Duc, they can, and adds that he's even a youngest son.
(Discworld crossover! Sure there are talking dogs in Discworld! You just can't tell!)

"In the most fantastic display of illusion--" he changed back to his slightly less unsettling "human" form-- "ever witnessed!"

"So that's how magicians switch places with people!" said Sam, shaking his head to clear it. "By magic!"
(...I was trying to write the ending to Bright Side of the Moon in prose)

The story picks up from the end of that scene in 205 with Sam accidentally signing his soul to Satan.

"He got tricked into signing his soul to Satan," said Max casually.
(Thanks Max, we can read the outline)

"Max?" said somebody who wasn't Sam.

They've been together for a long time, since they were six.

Sam says that if she was looking to live somewhere morally upstanding, she picked the wrong neighbourhood.

Phineas and Ferb

Phineas, because it was him and Ferb, of course, looked puzzled. "No, but we do have a pet platypus named Perry."
(This is from a deliberately bad story that somehow turned into a deliberately mediocre story.)

"Agent P... Come in, Agent P... Are you there?"

Perry looked at him blankly. He couldn't tell if it was suspicious behaviour or just Doofenshmirtz being Doofenshmirtz.

There was a brief pause. Perry the Platypus looked like he was thinking it over. He still looked freaked out.

"Not... really..." said the girl.
(A sentence that doesn't involve Perry! I would have died from the shock if I hadn't known the Perry-related context)

Perry put down the paper, shook his head, and smirked at himself.

He was going to kill Doofenshmirtz? He hadn't even done anything wrong today!

Doofenshmirtz looked nervous. "Well, it's a long story..."

And he'd have to put those thoughts into words, and Perry wasn't very good at that.

Ferb, who appeared to have followed his train of thought, said "What about the holograms?"

The platypus shook his head, trying not to take offense at the stinky comment.

Perry's cage came past, and their mom picked it up. Perry was asleep. Lucky Perry.

"Uh... Heinz?" said Phineas, staring at the gun. What was he doing? "You're not..."
(Yeah, that sounds like Phineas)

Perry was real, and if Perry was real, so was everything that had happened yesterday.

"Well, that's a bit irresponsible of him," said the man mildly. "Do you mind if I see that you get on the train safely?"

Ferb looked annoyed, but he didn't say anything.

"I kinda wanna be in the same house as Ferb, but..." Phineas trailed off.

Once they were down in the big, steely room, Perry felt a little bit better. It was just like normal.

"Mom, I feel sick," I complained, holding my stomach.
(My experiments in first person viewpoint was both great and terrible. Actually, just terrible)

"Oh, hi Alton, Hal," said Xavier, seeing them.

Reading through those made me want to finish my "Max saves Sam from hell with a bulldozer" story. I don't know why I stopped. I must have been tired or anxious or something.