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Jan. 21st, 2011

Okay so apparently the town centre where I was meeting blizaga_kururu has three bus interchanges, and I was waiting at the wrong one. Great design decision, Belconnen. Wonderful. I guess it has its benefits, but I'm not really a fan. I live closest to the Woden or Civic or Tuggeranong interchange. I'm not used to this stuff.

So I went to her suburb, since we were supposed to be going to her house anyway, but I couldn't remember the name of her street. I did remember what it looked like, but... Not that helpful for an entire suburb. I walked for three hours, but I couldn't find it, so I went home. I don't mind, though. I got some exercise and did something different, and I'd accepted that I might not find it before I got on the bus.

So I had an adventure. Yay. My legs are going to hate me tomorrow, though. I don't think I've spent three hours walking through a suburb since this happened. At least I wasn't lost this time.


I was supposed to meet up with blizaga_kururu today, but I don't see her. I tried phoning her, but the number she gave me's been disconnected. I've messaged her, but I guess she's not online. I think I'll wait at this Internet cafe for a while longer, just in case. I know she spends a lot of time roleplaying. She'll have to come online eventually.

Maybe I misunderstood the place we were going to meet. I know it was today at noon; I checked.

I don't know why I'm making a post about this, but it helped to get my thoughts in order.


Damn, I broke my streak of getting up before noon. My two-day streak. I'm really sick of these sleeping problems. I'll go to bed at 11 tonight. If that doesn't work, I'll... wander around complaining about spending over half a day in bed.

So today my sister and I were at JB Hi-Fi, and we came to the Punk/Emo part of the music section. This happened (paraphrased because my memory for spoken words is terrible):

Sister: Look, it's your favourite section.
Me: Not anymore.
Sister: So you don't like this kind of music anymore?
Me: No, I do.
Sister: Good. (pause) Did you say you liked it?

I like lots of things, the Internet's punching bags among them. Speaking of which, I hadn't realised that My Chemical Romance had a new album out. I'll have to check out some of the songs to see if it's worth buying.

Then later on I said that our search for hot crossed buns with fruit in them was fruitless, and she told me I couldn't make a pun like that without taking my glasses off as I said. So I said it again while taking off my glasses dramatically. She said she couldn't kill me until I paid for the food we were buying.

On a totally unrelated note, I think I've figured it out. It's easier to write in the evenings, so instead of trying to write first thing in the morning and beating myself up and not writing again for days, I'll write in the evening. Logic! I may even become reliable some day in the far future.

Jan. 9th, 2011

Turned out I didn't even need to unscrew anything to open my computer. I wasn't going to ask my dad for help, but now I think it's lucky that my family invited me out for morning tea, which was really brunch because I've been having insomnia problems lately.

And of course when we got the computer open, the water to my block of flats had been turned off.

Cleaning the dust on the inside of the computer doesn't seem to have helped a lot, but at least it's not beeping or freezing anymore.

I feel bad about not updating my Phineas and Ferb work in progress fic for a while. I thought there wouldn't be long gaps because it's already finished and all I'm doing is editing it, but all this freedom is really distracting. I just got excited about working on it again just now, but I'm leaving for Sydney early tomorrow, so that's not great timing.
So just when I feel like I'm putting my mind back in order, my computer starts overheating. It probaby needs a clean, but since I don't have any screwdrivers, I used a knife to unscrew the biggest screws on the back. Which turned out to be connected to the power supply. All the screws that actually open the case are too small for a knife to work, and now the power supply's fallen inside the computer. At least I only got my hand stuck in the hole for a second.

Tomorrow I think I'll buy some screwdrivers. I hope the power supply didn't damage anything when it fell.

Today's subject is crying

I think crying must mess up my digestion. I'm having a smoothie and my stomach still feels bad.

I wasn't crying over anything important; just a fight I had with my sister about housework. I think she thinks I do a lot less, but I clean up after myself instead of doing big cleans, so it probably comes to about the same. Also I need to be more observant, because I can't clean up what I don't notice.

So anyway, I cry over everything. For some reason my brain thinks it's an appropriate and helpful response to stress. And now my stomach hurts. I'm just glad that it's only been triggered by the Internet once, though that one event triggered multiple crying... things. And there is an advantage to crying on the Internet over crying offline. I can barely speak when I cry and my face goes all screwed up.

Seriously brain, give my stomach back its acid.


This post is about the weather

Why is it so hooooot. It's like the southern hemisphere is currently inclined towards the sun, causing more of the sun's rays to hit it. The fact that the Earth is at its closest to the sun in January does not help.

I whine about the heat every year, but every year it gets hot and I hate it. I'm glad I don't live out in Renmark, a town near the Victoria/South Australia border, or something. The forecast for today in Canberra is 35 (95F), and it usually gets up to 39 or 40 (104F) at some point in summer. Today's forecast for Renmark is 44 (113F), and it'll probably get hotter next month. They're right near the desert, so they get its heat.

Yesterday some relatives that I hadn't seen for ages came down from Brisbane. I said that I'd have to move to either Brisbane or Melbourne to get a good shot at getting into the games industry, and that I'd rather not move to Brisbane because I'd miss the cold weather. My aunt said that it did get cold in Brisbane, saying that sometimes it got down to 14 (57F). It was hilarious. I had to ask if that was a maximum. It was a minimum. The temperature in Canberra may come up above freezing at some point every day, even in the middle of July, but I don't think people in Brisbane know what cold even is.

Hurry up, winter.


Stuff keeps happening and I keep not posting. :(

I'm tired, and kind of apathetic, which is annoying because I'm so concerned about not aggravating my anxiety that I'm not getting any work done.

Also I'm on a Magic School Bus kick. That show was awesome. Now I remember why I used to get up so early to watch it when I was little. I'm not sure if I'm projecting my love for Perry onto all small, sentient egg-laying animals, but Liz is awesome. But I also replayed the space PC game, which was the best thing ever when I was eight, and Liz was extremely annoying. If they really had to make her talk, why did they make her so condescending?

I'm tired. And ineloquent apparently.

Nov. 30th, 2010

I've been really super busy lately, but look!

Hooray! I wrote 50,000 words in November even though I was moving house and learning how to be independent and washing dishes.

And I'm still mostly anxiety free, which is great. I feel a bit weird now, but it's just the jitteriness that I think the medication is causing. Even though it makes me stupider, I don't care because it's 333333% better than anxiety.

My sister and I went shopping and bought a little Christmas tree! I love Christmas, but for the last few years I haven't been able to enjoy it because of being stressed out of my mind. Maybe things will be different this year!

School's not over yet, though it is for my sister, but Pete (the game) is coming along really well now, so I'm not stressed about it. A made an awesome world, and... O, I'll call her, made an awesome menu system, and I made some awesome enemies that I really suck at avoiding. There are other people in the group too, but I just listed the major contributions.

I really need to start finishing fandom-y things I started again, instead of coming up with and drawing future children for Ferb and Vanessa on a whim. I don't even believe they'd get together. The kids came out okay, and they're identical twins and I copied and pasted everything but the hair so it didn't take too long, but I miss my tablet.

Nov. 22nd, 2010

So apparently my ego is tied to how much housework I do in a day. I did a lot today! By my standards. It was great. I'm barely anxious at all, though I'm sure that's the drugs at least in part.

And Poker Night by tomorrow morning! Can't wait! I've always loved crossovers. My second ever story idea was a mega crossover between everything I'd heard of, when I was six or so. And right now it seems like I'm trying to set the world record for most Phineas and Ferb crossover ideas. And more crossover ideas happened in the middle. Anyway, since Poker Night looks like a competent crossover, between things I like a lot, it's probably going to be great.

Today was really busy, actually. I hope I get my NaNo quota done. I'm getting there.