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I've been making things! :D Today I rendered a sphere in 3D out of a lot of vertexes and triangles. I thought it would be like making a computer draw a circle, which only involves a few lines of code, but it was actually pretty complicated. But I figured it out. First I had to arrange the vertexes in the shape of a sphere, then cover it with triangles, and neither were easy. Then I put the triangles on backwards, so that instead of the closest part of the sphere blocking out the other side of it like in real life, the far side was visible and the close side was not. It was a weird effect.

Then I made the code slightly less terrible and made a giant rainbow sphere with inertia that rolled in place. And then I didn't actually have time to work on today's shader-related exercises. But A says they're really easy, so I'm sure I'll catch up.

I also made a TVTropes page for Stephen Baxter's novel Evolution, which I recently finished reading. I wrote the page in TVTropes style! The novel has some interesting ideas, and also lots of sex. The story's about the evolution of humans, from rat things to people with culture that run around ruining everything, to future monkey things. It's quite dark and depressing, but I've read quite a few of his short stories, so I was forewarned.

I wish he'd gone into more detail about the downfall of humanity. Every other story has the omniscient narrator described the changes the world has gone through since the last one, but in the first story after the end of humanity, there's just speculation from a bunch of people with no helpful technology who arrived at least a thousand years later. It was disappointing. And I didn't understand the significance of Lucy, a modern human, not the three million year old skeleton of an Australopithecus, probably being a direct descendant of mitochondrial Eve. Isn't everyone? That's what mitochondrial Eve is, the most recent ancestor of everybody alive today.

Last week I said a banana broke my DS. That's because I had my DS in my bag with a very ripe banana. When I took out the DS while waiting for the second bus, I found a gaping hole in the banana, and the DS covered in banana slime. I wiped it off, and at first it seemed fine. Then, at lunch, it wouldn't turn on. I pulled the cartridge out of the cartridge slot, and noticed that it was covered in slime too. So I left it open on my desk for the rest of the day, and found it working with a weird touch screen when I got the bus home. I played it for a while, until it made a sound that reminded me of the time ants got into the wiring of the lights when I was little.

It seems to be okay now, though. I thought the clock had stopped, but now it's just a bit slow, and things on the touch screen are discoloured, but the damage is not as bad as I thought it was.

Here is a list of people I have spoken to recently who are horrible philistines for not being as familiar with some things that I am familiar with:
Kururu - Never got further than Gobi's Valley in Banjo-Kazooie
A - Hadn't heard of Earthbound until today.
Roy - Said of Homestar Runner that he hadn't got around to playing it yet, and of the Angry Video Game Nerd that he never got into That Guy With The Glasses.

It's also an incomplete list of people I have spoken to recently. Finally, I'm talking to people who share my interests instead of typing to people who share my interests. ...I'm better at typing, though. I think it's some kind of autism thing.

For the past week or so, I've been too busy during class and too tired out of class to do many Internet things. I hope that fatigue was a one time occurrence, because I like Internet things. They're fun.