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Jan. 23rd, 2011

Last night's dream was fun. The main plot involved averting a catastrophe. If nothing was done or things went wrong, a huge amount of red and yellow balls would roll down the mountain and destroy the town. I got to see an example of failure, and it was pretty disturbing. No idea why it was Hogwarts being destroyed in that part, though.

I got a satisfactory ending, where the balls were released, but the people were warned beforehand and I don't think anybody died or that there was much property damage. So I wandered around the town I'd sort of saved for a while, and noticed some balls rolling down the street. I thought it was probably something minor and not another flood, but I hid in a pub that had survived the last one just in case.

There were so many that it buried the building I was in. I don't think they damaged it at all, though. Hogwarts must just be made of cobwebs or something. Once the balls had passed, I went outside again, because in my dreams I always do the most interesting thing for the plot instead of the smartest thing. I have the feeling that the Origami Killer from heavy Rain was involved in this. I even overheard someone wondering if someone else had drowned after I left the pun.

More balls showed up, so I had to hide in a tower, which was somehow specifically built to be strong against the balls. That doesn't sound right to me, but I'm not an architect. Maybe I accidentally got something right.

Then I guess I woke up. I think interpreting dreams based on an objective set of symbols is silly, but I'm curious about how that one would come out.

Also, I saw the musical episode of Phineas and Ferb! In reality, even! I love everything about Perry's face during Doofenshmirtz's musical number. I think he's considering driving that screw through his skull instead of using it to free himself.